The Story So Far (August 22, 2015)

In a leg-bone-connected-to-the etc. sort of way, via my Smokie-related searching, I just happened, more or less by accident, to ‘break into’ (wait for it!) the Romanian scene of ‘my era’…four female solo artists coming along all at once in this amazingly slickly put-together video of this pop-up super group. At first I thought it was a shame that Romanian TV was still all in B&W in 1977, but in a way I think, on reflection, that it makes it look more timeless and contemporary, since very often B&W shooting is used to convey a ‘nostalgic’ atmosphere, since they are performing a very R&R-influenced song. They had some very ‘glam’ bits of stuff in the Romanian Pop Scene! What was Nadia Comaneci’s record collection like back in those days? (This being the year after her incredible achievements in Montreal).



I also came across this ‘Dutch’ Girl Group performing on East German TV…being absolutely delighted to discover that they were really Belgian! (No wonder the chap who uploaded the video can’t seem to find much on them…he’s looking in the wrong country!) I’ve been sort of wondering if the Belgians had any ‘babes’ of their own in that period..and they clearly had.



…and look what the title was of one of their singles. Unfortunately, I can’t establish whether or not it was another version of ‘Soley Soley’. I like the French version of their city of origin, which, you will probably deduce, is Antwerp(-en).


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