The Story So Far (August 26, 2015)

As things seem to go, as soon as one of these female superstars from behind the Iron Curtain emerges, another load follows on behind…together with a new raft of interpretations of well-known songs. It started with the following pop-up supergroup (including a couple of names there that were unfortunately just actresses who occasionally sing).še-Voborníková?noanv=1


In the course of this I also came across an artist from Brno, showing that, when it came to Pop Music artists from Moravia, Ostrava didn’t have it all its own way. It is, after all, the capital of the region. (Very Kate O’Mara nowadays, don’t you think?)

I said that there’d be more place-name related goings-on later. Well, here’s the now tragically departed (in her early fifties) Valérie Čižmárová..from (and I’ve been waiting for this…my joy being cut short by seeing that she was no longer with us) the SLOVAK part of the former Czechoslovakia – Michalovce, practically in the Ukraine! Now how does someone from way over there get to sing a song about the capital of Northern Ireland?



As well as Boney M she also did Sweet (a record I have)



…and here’s that page that had me up and then very rapidly down again…again, what an absolute stunner she was. I think in many ways that this has been by far and away the most dramatic and poignant discovery, since I’m sure that, while Czechoslovakia was a single unit, she’d have been flying the flag, Pop Music-wise, for not only Slovakia, but EASTERN Slovakia.érie-Čižmárová


…and this is where her career was launched. What a year for that to happen as well! (In the year when she’d have turned sixteen).


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