The Story So Far (August 28, 2015)

First, I think I’ll just HAVE to track this LP down on the Web to see if I can snap it up (is this the most beautiful cover shot ever?)Čižmárová-Valerie-Čižmárová/release/2926944


Second, here comes another ‘Baccara’.



Third, Karen showed us that she could Disco dance in 10 cm heels. Could she Rock ‘n’ Roll in platforms?



Finally, it has transpired that Valérie also provided some of the songs on the soundtrack of a cult Czechoslovak film from the mid-1970s which was a Romantic Comedy Musical set in a bone china factory (as you do…could we do that in Derby at Royal Crown Derby?)..filmed only just down the road from Uschi Nerke’s birthplace..way over in the WEST of Czechoslovakia. I’ve watched a bit of it and there was a very attractive fork lift truck driver in it!

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