The Story So Far (August 9, 2015)

I’m still seventeen years old (statistically probable, given a birthday of 22.12). I come from a small town in South-Eastern Moravia (although she later may have settled in Ostrava, translating as best as I can from her official site I think I’m still correct and that the birthplace mentioned here is not). I’m going to release my first single. Now, what shall I do? I know what, why not cover Dusty Springfield?….in ENGLISH.ěra-Špinarová?anv=Věrka+Špinarová


The B-Side’s not too shabby either.



Oh…and you know what I said about Hana’s ‘Northern Soul Connection’, mentioning that she did, after all, come from a northern industrial city like Ostrava?


I said that more or less in jest…but just look at this.


What a height to scale at seventeen!  ‘The Majestic Věra Špinarová’ indeed!


So, somebody east of the Iron Curtain ‘did’ two of the UK’s most famous Pop Singers ever.


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