The Story So Far (July 20, 2015)

Apparently, there was also, on the Hungarian scene at the time, as well as (now, get the spelling right!) Zsuzsa Koncz, what I take to be a sort of ‘Hungarian Karen Cheryl/Sheila B. Devotion’, Judit Szűcs. Here she is in a sequence from DDR TV shows, appearing next door to ‘the class enemies’, as one contributor writes, Matchbox. Yes, Matchbox were on East German telly! Does a lot of this ‘look East German’ to you!!!???



…and here’s a very Karen/Sheila-like performance…



…and there was another song on the Samson and Delilah theme apart from the MOTR/Sheila one, by Hungarian Disco act Neoton Família



So, after French Disco, Dutch Disco and Italian Disco, here comes Hungarian Disco!


Also, both the Dutch Girl Group, Babe (who apparently released records on Balkanton…yes, there was another Dutch Girl Group going around at the turn of the 1970s to the 1980s) and  Judit Szűcs performed Greek-influenced songs.




Like I said about that Czechoslovak/U.S. collaboration on Hana’s TV show, one has to keep in mind the awful thought that we were both threatening to lob atom bombs on each other.


…and finally, here is the great lady that introduced me to the world of Eastern European Pop Stars, appearing on East German TV show, ‘Ein Kessel Buntes’.


How much idea did the average Briton have that all this was going on behind the Iron Curtain? – still well within the living memory of people who still aren’t all that old.


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