The Story So Far (July 24, 2015)

Since I’m also drawing parallels with Karen Cheryl and that when she was ‘Carene’ she performed a song also done by Tina Charles, looking and listening to that Judit Szűcs song I mentioned last night I’m sort of imagining that if there had ever been a British version of it Tina (since her ‘I’ll Go Where Your Music Takes Me’ dated from 1978) would have been the one to do it, since if ever there were a ‘British Disco Queen’ Tina was it. What a dance tune this was!…and it’s even inspired a modern re-mix.




…and here’s the other one that I thought would not have been out-of-place on Amber Sound FM’s ‘Soul Show’, when they do the less really Northern Soul-ish stuff (it’s not ALL 90 mph on that programme!)…Margarita Hranova’s ‘Sviat’. Even though it’s in Bulgarian it still sounds so breathily soulful it could be being sung by a Black woman, I think.


Once again, returning to the ‘Originator’ of my interest in things Pop and Eastern European, here’s an idea of what Sopot looked and sounded like. Given that the year was 1984 and that Sopot is basically a suburb of Gdansk I’m wondering if the Solidarnosc protestors took a break for this.


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