The Story So Far (May 30, 2015)

It does get ‘interestinger and interestinger’ on the links front inasmuch as I have discovered that Hana Zagorová sort of emulated Karen Cheryl in having her own TV show…in 1980. However, it was rather more than just an emulation…since it lasted for five years! It was entitled ‘Dluhy Hany Zagorové’. In that year (don’t forget that the Soviet Union has invaded Afghanistan and the U.S.A. is boycotting the Moscow Olympics) one special guest (BuenaVentura) was a Disco-dancing and -singing act from the famous Juilliard  School of Performing Arts (of ‘Fame’ fame) in  New York and she performed a Disco duet with the programme’s host…Hana singing in English! One inevitably thinks, “Wait a minute! Her lot could be about to drop a nuclear bomb on her lot” when one sees them side-by-side. It’s quite a backdrop…a floodlit ruined castle! Karen never managed to arrange all this! It appears that I have discovered an even more impressive female Pop star from the Continental Mainland, therefore…not born on 19.07, however!



In that year Hana and the production team also managed to make Kylie and Stock, Aitken & Waterman from some years down the line look somewhat amateurish when it comes to renditions of ‘The Locomotion’….a lot more satisfying a tribute to the spirit of Little Eva’s original.


As it turns out that ‘Asi Asi’ was a version of ABBA’s ‘Honey Honey’ (do you know that?) so it wasn’t a Czechoslovak Pop tune, as such, but it does mean that Hana was ‘doing a Carene’ – taking on ABBA. She also did a version of S.O.S. apparently (but frustratingly the full-length version’s not on YouTube)


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