The Story So Far (September 1, 2015)

I watched the entire film (‘Holky z porcelánu’) last night and was scared that the clip might give away the ending, but thankfully the party who uploaded the clip cut out the bit immediately prior to the ‘Konec’ (‘End’). I’ll leave you to guess what happened. Were all those plates part of some Five-Year Plan? Talk about over-production!



Here’s Valérie’s main contribution. (As a voice-off).



Here’s the show-stopping title song (could the female boss have been played by Hattie Jacques?), on which Valérie may well have performed, but I’d have to check that one out.


…which has evidently become so ingrained in the collective consciousness of the nation that dance troupes are still inspired to this day to perform routines to the song.



I have also, by way of ‘noises off’, come across another LP from 1975 (Various Artists)  that could be of interest, since it features both Valérie and Marie. The title of Valérie’s contribution to the LP, I have worked out, is not quite seasonal yet, since  means ‘Snowflake’.



Since I was aware that searching on accompanying orchestra names could prove fruitful  (it’s mentioned on the shot of the LP’s label) here are another couple of crackers from Marie from 1975. There’s something magically timeless about those B&W promo videos from behind the old Iron Curtain from the mid-1970s. Again, the latter could be Northern Soul, I think. (It was somewhat fitting that I should be watching a ‘Night From The Archive’ on ‘2’ on a Bank Holiday Monday evening, if you look at the on-screen channel identifier.)…to the accompaniment of several snowflakes! (Did Marie do a version of ‘Skiing In The Snow’? That would have been good to these shots!)




I really do think that, when it came to Pop Music from our sort of era, the Eastern Bloc couldn’t ‘do’ crap if it tried.


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