The Story So Far (06 March 2016 14:33:25)

I’m somewhere in Slovakia now!

27-03-2016 12;34;55

I just checked in to the Hotel Dominika about an hour ago and I’ve
been sorting myself out, variously for this evening and maybe also
early tomorrow AM as I get ready to head off to Michalovce. At the
time you’d have written that E-Mail, adding on an hour to accommodate
Central European Time I think I’d have been somewhere near Dresden. It
was indeed a pretty dramatic entry into the Czech Republic last night.
Indeed, I think entering at night made it more dramatic rather than
less, with all those floodlit castles and other old buildings in front
of which Hana Zagorová was very fond of dancing…reflected in the
waters of the Labe! (or the Elbe,if you’re being German!) Talking
about which, around the end of the street where the Opus recording
studios were, I came across a music shop where, in very close
proximity to an Adele album there was a Hana Zagorová DVD. That’s the
sort of company she’s in on this side of the former Iron Curtain…by
which I mean Adele 😉



I have tracked down that park I thought I’d seen between the hotel and
the concert venue on various maps of this area of town and a very
strange affair it is too. Some bits of it are more like scrubland and
it’s surrounded by concrete apartment blocks. I can’t imagine many
Western European tourists get to come round this part of town! Never
mind, the watercourse that runs through it evidently supports life,
because there were quite a few anglers by its side! I have also been
spotting the hooded crows that are largely unknown in most parts of
the British Isles but which are quite common throughout much of the
Continental Mainland. I clearly recall my being ‘zapped’ by them in










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