The Story So Far (06 March 2016 21:39:43)

I’m afraid to say that, just over an hour-and-a-half ago, after something like a four-hour nap, I awoke in my hotel room to find it dark. Wondering where I was for a while I looked at the digital clock that is part of the satellite TV box in the room and much to my horror it was showing something approaching 9.00 pm…three hours after the concert was due to start. I rushed over to the venue (it was a very good thing I had sussed out the route in-between) to find a few people round a table chatting (they had obviously been something to do with the concert). Of course, by then the concert was well and truly over, but I had thought to take along that Eva Kostolányiová LP, so I left the cover with them and wrote down my address so that it could at least be autographed by some of the performers and sent to me. So, it isn’t as if (from that point of view) it’s been a totally wasted journey and there’s still Michalovce to look forward to tomorrow and Tuesday. In a way, maybe it has been a good thing that all this has happened because throughout it all I remained thoroughly calm. I don’t think that there could be a greater disappointment than this and yet I coped with it all in my stride…in a foreign country where I’ve never been in my life.




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