The Story So Far (08 March 2016 17:43:41)

I’m writing this (incredibly enough) on the train between Michalovce and Košice, (what a service that ZSSK offers, in contrast to their UK counterparts!) just to say that I’m on my way home, facing another epic overnighter between Košice and Prague. Prague must have seemed like a world away to the young Valérie Čižmárová when I’m thinking of the journey I’m currently on.




What a crazy town Michalovce is…and how any tourist books could possibly describe it as drab just beggars belief. What are they looking at? There’s all manner of styles and colours of buildings along its main thoroughfare.







And I met a grizzled old chap on that very thoroughfare who bristled when I mentioned Nuernberg (part of my return journey) since I got all sorts of guff about various ‘Adolfs’! (But not in a way that was personally threatening, fortunately).

You’ve got to love Slovakia!

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