The Story So Far (10 March 2016 12:35:47)

Well, here I am on board the ferry, after a long night outside the
door (from just after 11.30 pm to about 7.00 am, when the waiting room
opened (with still another seven hours or so to go before the ferry
sailed!). Basically, I’m afraid that’s far too late in the day to
organise any accommodation, but at least I could amuse myself for part
of that very cold night with the camera tripod I took (thinking all
this time that it’s just been a dead weight!) doing some low light
photography and self-portraiture of me starring in a sort of version
of ‘The Terminal’ and getting picked up by the local van der Valk for
it, having to show my passport in the process. Never mind, at least,
also, it was a case of spending the night with Valérie, which warmed
things up a little!…oh, and (I tried telling you about this, but the
E-Mail didn’t get through yesterday) Nad’a Urbánková, Hana Zagorová
and Jitka Zelenková, thanks to a couple of magazines I picked up in
Košice (one Czech and the other Slovak…they’re all still huge stars
both sides of the Czech-Slovak divide, Jitka seemingly being very good
at spanning that divide (coming from Brno, in more or less the middle
of the former Czechoslovakia probably helps). I also had some fun with
my old personal radio/cassette player, scanning through the local FM
stations! It kept things going!




(Note, also, the mini-article on Jitka Zelenková down the right-hand side)









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