The Story So Far (December 23, 2015)

Interestingly, Willy Rovelli just happened to mention another one of Isabelle’s/Karen’s/Carene’s Co-Presenters (now yesterday) in his spot at the end of «Le Grand Direct des Médias», Henri-Jean Servat, from «Les Grands du Rire»/«Étoiles de Légende».

(This was a reference to Willy Rovelli having appeared as one of the guest celebrities on a sort of French ‘I Love 1971’, in which Sheila’s ‘Les Rois Mages’ was featured as the hit of the year)


Since there was a mention of the famous «Sing To Me Mama»  on this I’m afraid I had to bale out of the video at that point because of ‘the rules’…to which I had to respond (as you well know, to make up for what I am about to miss in circa three years’ time) with a burst of my ‘Hungarian Insurance Policy’…when it comes to ‘Sexy Disco Stars’ (have you seen this one? it’s quite an outfit that Judith HASN’T got on!…well, the TOP bit!….and the bottom, to some extent!)



Improbably, ‘Ilyen Ma Egy Lány’ was never released as a single, but was an album title track…but nevertheless here’s one LP to look forward to sometime in 2021!…and there’s always ‘Táncolj Még’, the album (and B-Side…there’s ANOTHER one!) to look forward to when I DON’T get «Karen: Direct From Philadelphia», in between times, sometime in 2018.ücs-Judith-Ilyen-Ma-Egy-Lány/release/1992466űcs-Judit-Táncolj-Még/master/589033űcs-Judit-Érintsd-Meg-A-Szívem-Táncolj-Még/release/3996787


…oh,and BTW….’El Baúl De Los Recuerdos’ has ARRIVED!!!! (And sounds even more magnificent through that famous old speaker of mine). What with that and ‘Táncolj Még’ I’m going to end up with some crackers of B-Sides!


So, like I said, even WITHOUT ‘K’ I’m not exactly going to be deprived.


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