The Story So Far (December 25, 2015)

A celebration of «L’alliance ancienne» from Hogmanay 1967 by Sheila. It seems incredible that perhaps one of the best bits of televised Scottish Country Dancing ever occurred not in these islands. It’s quite a number and I wonder what sort of lessons Sheila had had beforehand.



I’ve also come across this incredible appearance in the same TV studio by Sheila and somebody else whom I know very well 😉 …on «Les Années Bonheur», performing an updated version of «Les Rois Mages». In 2011 Sheila, being born in 1945, would have turned 66, so that’s not bad going in this song and dance number. So, these two performances are separated by a remarkable 44 years.



It’s quite clear that – judging by the comments by one contributor – Sheila and Carene/Karen is the ultimate ‘holy grail’ in terms of duets. I’m not sure if that ever will happen, though.


Returning the subject of «Les Rois Mages», it’s just one of those things of which I’ve been just half aware in passing but just the other day I absolutely established that the young Carene used that song as one of her audition songs for Carrère (along with music from the film. ‘Midnight Cowboy’, apparently…well, she WAS a country lass!). So, in effect, all of Sally Carr, Sheila, Hana Zagorová AND Carene Cheryl sang the same song! (Now, THAT would be quite some ‘Dream Quartet!’)


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