The Story So Far (December 29, 2015)

I thought it couldn’t get better than it has done thus far regarding my latest Czech(-oslovak) discovery but while on a German site (that film was also quite a hit in – probably mostly East – Germany) I became aware that Petra – in more recent years – has been a Co-Presenter of a sort of Jonathan Ross-like show called ‘Prominenti’ (almost exactly like, in German, a ‘Celeb’ is a ‘Promi’). Here is a feature from a few years back when she was still on the show, from the Czech answer to ‘Radio/TV Times’. You will note that there is a thumbnail of the current seasonal edition of the magazine towards the top right-hand corner. That’s another similarity to German – the Czech word for Christmas, which is clearly related to the German ‘Weihnachten’. (The word here is actually the adjectival noun rather than the root noun itself…as in ‘pertaining to…’). Clicking on it for a preview if one goes five clicks in I’m sure that’s an article on Petra down the far left-hand side. (It cannot be ‘blown up’, unfortunately!) Oh…and do you not like that ‘Czechification’ of our very own Kate Winslet further down the Web page?

I’ve been checking out a few recent videos of Petra’s other TV appearances and it would appear that I wasn’t wrong in my impression of her as still a highly fanciable 60+ woman, (turned 66 this year) since (translating the Czech as best as I can) I have encountered a reference to her as a ‘sexy grandma’, (which she literally is now),  I kid you not!




..which probably explains why it was such a ‘tragedie’ (Now THAT doesn’t take a lot of translation!) that she is no longer with the show (assuming it still is going on in her absence).


Like in the case of Mirabela Dauer there has been a recent video answering the question “Now who would live in a place like this?”. It’s not exactly ‘homes of the rich and famous’ by our standards! (Obviously go in for the home-grown tomatoes!)


Finally, another seasonal similarity to German is in the name for New Year’s Eve. It’s exactly the same word. This is from a somewhat earlier TV appearance by Petra…from New Year’s Eve 1973. It would appear that there is a Czech version of ‘Roll Out The Barrel’ (that won’t be a reference to the car in the title, since the word also means exactly the same as the German ‘Schade’…or ‘pity’, which doesn’t look very good for a brand of car, does it?) Again, I think she very much affected Myleene in those days, (with a dash of  Una Stubbs, as she would have been at that time?). Myleene is half Filipina – half Austrian, which is next-door to the Czech Republic, so that makes the similarity not exactly surprising.



All in all, does her life trajectory make her a sort of ‘Czech Isabelle Morizet’? (Former 1970s Pop Star turned TV Presenter, with numerous talents to her name).


Since Myleene is a famous NCFC fan and another is Singer/Songwriter, Cathy Dennis and, since Petra had written a song that the incredibly gorgeous Valérie (amongst others) had performed, my thoughts inevitably go back to something I came across on the Web in the wake of Cathy having written for Kylie – one of the most fanciable women on the planet…saying something like “I still wouldn’t say ‘no’ to the Songwriter!” (Well, unfortunately, in another similarity to Kylie, Valérie also had cancer…but didn’t survive it, being comfortably outlived by the Songwriter).



I spotted a reference to a Polish artist in some Petra-related material, so I thought that might be a good chance to ‘break into’ the LARGEST of the Soviet Union’s former satellites and do a bit of ‘tootling around’ their female artists of the 1970s, as it were….and in the space of less than a couple of hours I’ve found this. Hmmmm!!!! Nice!!!! VERY nice!!!



I think I know what I’m getting in 2017  😉


Right now, I think I’d better ‘get’ to bed!


Now I’ve got to get used to writing those funny letter L’s with the diagonal line through them!


Oh, it looks like it’s another case of the music’s not bad either  😉


…and BTW, as far as I can make out it’s not Western. It’s entirely natively conceived Disco/Funk.




I’ve been thinking, “now then, 2015 has got another four (now three) days to go…that’s plenty of time for some more major-league discoveries!” I wasn’t wrong!


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