The Story So Far (December 30, 2015)

It was one of those cases where everything suddenly spilled out all over the place, like has happened so often just lately.  It seems that (and don’t forget that I’m looking into just half the story here) the Eastern European Pop Scene of the late 1960s through to the early 1980s is just one of those gifts that keep on giving….and I WAS thinking that I might be leaving things Czechoslovak behind, for the time being, until these two Czechoslovak girl groups emerged from my blind side while looking into my first great Polish discovery.


What makes Bezinky all the more exciting is that – so it would appear at time of writing  – they are all from the Slovak half of the former Czechoslovakia, so this might be the Slovakian countryside in the background here in an outdoor festival performance of a version of O.N.J. and E.L.O.’s ‘Xanadu’. Everything about this (apart from the Central European landscape, perhaps) just looks and sounds so Western to me.


…and going back circa half a decade (thereby PRE-dating the Dutch boom) here’s an amazingly Western bit of Funk, from an album made in the future Slovakia. I like the shots of the girls in the studios on the rear of the sleeve – probably somewhere in Bratislava.


It would also appear that there was a Czechoslovak ‘answer’ to the Dutch female duo, Maywood, in the shape of Kamelie. (One’s called Hana and the other’s called Dana, indeed, neatly enough!) Some pretty neat choreography going on here – not in a spectacular way, but it’s very expressive. The music is a real slice of Central European Schlager, so is perhaps a little less surprising than the previous ones.



…but in terms of album presentation there’s some very Western style and sophistication going on here….and there’s some very funky bass driving things along….as in the one from Bezinky from that year.



So, how this pair of groups have managed to elude my attentions thus far is a complete mystery. Maybe they were ‘waiting’ for the right moment…and the end of the year was about as good as any!

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