The Story So Far (December 31, 2015)

You know that remark I made concerning waiting for the right time (ie., saving the best until last)? I can see why now since I have subsequently become aware that Bezinky recorded a version of none other than that LUV’ song, ‘Trojan Horse’. I don’t know if that’s supposed to indicate that ‘Trojan Horse’ had been at least a minor hit itself in parts of the Eastern Bloc. If that Belgian Girl Group, Venus, could have appeared on DDR TV and Babe had been released on the Bulgarian label, Balkanton, that would not have been out of the question. With all this being true it occurs to me that it’s quite a meeting of different forms of running a country – Soviet Socialist Republics and (in the cases of both The Netherlands and Belgium) Constitutional Monarchies. So, we have three young ladies under one system releasing a song and three other young ladies releasing a version of that song under another one. After my sensational year of discoveries that’s about as perfect an illustration of just how similar the two blocs of Europe really were as one could get. Heck! You’ve even got a blonde, a brunette and a redhead – just like LUV’! No pipe band, I’m afraid, though – obviously harder to come by in Czechoslovakia than The Netherlands!


Incidentally, I came to this realisation on watching a New Year’s Eve Pop Music show from Czechoslovak TV during which we also had a burst of ‘I’m In The Mood For Dancing’ from Bezinky, but I can’t seen to track down any recordings of that by the group. (The Nolans big in the Eastern Bloc?…which brings me to the necessity to mention the sad passing of Lemmy…remember that somewhat improbable collaboration between The Nolans and Motorhead?)


It’s also quite fitting that I should have had thoughts of Maywood, since they are the duo behind what could be the ‘anthem’ of my year…be it researching or going out dancing to Northern Soul.



…and finally, in the course of looking further into both Kamelie and Bezinky I just happened to stumble across the B-Side to Petra Černocká’s own recording of her ‘standard’, ‘Koukej, Se Mnou Si Piseň Broukej’. It’s really rather a good B-Side and the accompanying photo for the video shows once again what an earth-stopping beauty Petra was (…is!)  She could easily have been a supermodel as well as singer, actress, songwriter and TV presenter, I think.



I think I’d better get this being as the forty-year mark has passed.


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