The Story So Far (February 6, 2016)

I have got around to finding out what Bezinky means apart from the name of a Girl Group. It means ‘The Elderberries’, I kid you not! So, that would have made Helena V. ‘Blonde Elderberry’, Helena H. ‘Brunette Elderberry’ and Lída N. ‘Ginger Elderberry’, then! Well, I suppose the UK Pop Scene had The Cranberries, so….At any rate, I’ll never think about elderberry wine/jam in the same way ever again…and might make some ‘Bezinky Jam’ in celebration of this discovery later this year.


Here’s a couple of videos showing what a fine harmony Bezinky could put together (I know that’s Helena Viktorínová and Lída Nopová, but things get a little shakier in the case of Helena Heřmanová, since she left and I think was replaced by a couple of look-alikes in succession, or so it would seem). I think they’d have been right up there, at that time, with even the likes of The Three Degrees.




…and here’s another one of those covers of a very well-known tune from that period.


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