The Story So Far (January 10, 2016)

Since I mentioned that B-Side to ‘Soley Soley’, here it is off Eva Kostolányiová’s eponymous album. Although MOTR’s own version is a creditable illustration of the fact that (a) they weren’t only a sing-along Europop outfit and (b) Sally Carr could also write songs as well as being a cracking-looking frontwoman it is this rendering that fully realises the epic potential of the song.


You will also note that there’s another MOTR track on that album (which is on offer at Discogs, so I may well order it!) It looks quite some set!ányiová-Eva-Kostolányiová/release/2180633




…and here’s that version of ‘Après toi’/’Come What May’….as performed partly on the wing of a MIG fighter jet!



…and here’s a few videos illustrating why Eva was regarded as the ‘Twiggy of Slovakia’ and a complete fashion icon….and also Slovakia’s Golden Girl. (and maybe also the WHOLE of Czechoslovakia).


…at the ‘Bratislava Lyre’ in a stunning all-golden-yellow outfit with flowing, pleated, flared trousers. An ideal show-stopping look for a Northern Soul night, I think. It all tends to be about flowing bottoms for the women….accentuating the spectacular action on the dance-floor.



A video with a selection of some of Eva’s fashion shots through the ages….some from the front cover of the Popular Culture magazine, ‘Popular’. Most of those looks would be pretty ‘hot’ nowadays, I think.



…and finally, (well, as an NCFC fan, I had to keep the best until last!), look at this amazing yellow and green outfit from the accompaniment of a pretty decent fully natively composed song. That’s a pretty fresh-looking photo as well…could have been taken yesterday.



Did we have anybody at that time with not only that singing talent but those levels of glamour and fashionableness? Lulu…perhaps…in her Freeman’s Catalogue days? (You remember those adverts?)


Swinging Slovakia indeed!


..and here’s where I got that ‘Twiggy of Slovakia’ from.


….and this should surely be up there with all those Pop Music Pilgrimage places. In (Czecho-) Slovakian Pop Music history Eva’s death must have caused as much impact as John Lennon’s or Elvis Presley’s would have done.


As one who entered the world – for her nearly-but-not-quite thirty-three year stay here – in wartime Eastern Europe, this is one epic life!


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