The Story So Far (January 18, 2016)

Well, since I was in the mood for catching up on full TV programmes on-line (interesting to have a bit of singing in a Slavonic language in ‘War And Peace’ and a first Girl Group from Eastern Europe from the year 1809! Yes, they were THAT ahead of the curve!)…


…I had spotted some references out on YT to a couple of ‘life stories’ of Eva Kostolányiová to go with Valérie’s and it would appear from watching that that as well as covering a MOTR B-Side she was the only one of the many MOTR ‘coverers’, when it came to the MOTR A-Sides to think of covering ‘Sacramento’.


From what I gather from listening to the Slovak and translating what little I could I’m afraid that it seems that Eva was in a lot of pain in her final year or two, so that shimmering performance at the 1974 ‘Bratislava Lyre’ was quite remarkable. Coming from the ‘minor’ part of Czechoslovakia and being ‘the Pride of Slovakia’ (like I think MOTR are something of a ‘Pride of Scotland’) probably drove her on because there would have been a huge following for such an engaging performer as she.


Such a shame that Valérie didn’t learn anything from the fate of her fellow Slovakian Pop Star.

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