The Story So Far (January 27, 2016)

I’ve been wondering about Pop Music TV programmes from that era and here’s an entire episode (of Našich Devät’, from 1975) with some faces in there with which you’re probably familiar now…all together in one episode. (I’ll leave you to spot them!) You will also note that it’s coming from Bratislava. That’s Michal Dočolomanský (Eva Kostolányiová’s occasional singing partner) and none other than Helena Vondráčková (the BIG one) on presenting duties, BTW.

Here’s an indication of what an impression Eva still makes to this day….an excerpt from a recent tribute concert to mark the fortieth anniversary of her death….and listen to what tune kicks it all off. This is what perhaps the whole of Eastern Europe thinks of when they hear it…not Vicky Leandros.

To mark what would have been Eva’s 70th birthday, the Museum of Western Slovakia in Eva’s hometown of Trnava held an exhibition of memorabilia and there was even a birthday cake….again, that tune.

Also, if I heard the Slovak correctly on one of those life stories, there’s an Eva Kostolányiová Street in Bratislava. That should have the finest boutiques in the whole of Slovakia, surely.

…and finally, I’ve had this lady in the corner of my eye for some time, but I wasn’t sure if she’d be the right generation and It’s only now that it’s become clear that she very definitely was..and indeed brought out an LP in 1976, so I might check that out. Here’s a track from it…and the cover shot.

Helena Blehárová’s hometown of Žilina (in Western Slovakia) is home to a team that play in the following strip, so she could turn out to be right up my street!

Here’s some earlier stuff she did, including one title that shouldn’t be confused with Marie Rottrová’s version of ‘Staying Alive’. It’s quite an impressive selection of sounds.

Helena is also a fellow Cancerian! (Although just in the June rather than July side of proceedings) – shame those 1972 songs were outside of her single-releasing career. It’s quite fitting that she should be a Cancerian, since I do catch glimpses of Carene/Karen in her.árová

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