The Story So Far (January 31, 2016)

I was promising those Hana/Clodagh connections a while back and here they are. First off, Hana’s performance on ‘Zlatý Slavík’ (a sort of Czech-based TOTP) from 1979….backed by Bezinky. I love the branded and colour-coded T-shirts Bezinky are wearing. How unbelieveably ‘Capitalist’ the idea of doing that with a Girl Group is. I think that is what makes Bezinky the biggest discovery of the lot. The very acme of the concept of marketing…in a Command Economy.



…which, as you can see from the comments for the video, led me to Clodagh.



….and this…(what an entertainer she was! Outdoing Mike Yarwood here, do you reckon?)



….and this….well….what can I say (astonishingly early colour TV footage from 1970)…with Des O’Connor. No wonder his eyes are out on stalks!



…and in Bremen on Uschi Nerke’s and Dave Lee Travis’ show



To think that the UK Pop Scene had someone back in the 1970s who had been performing as a sixteen-year-old at the Grand Ole Opry and had also performed on German telly from a studio in Bremen  and was marketed so disgracefully poorly is a tragedy. Communist era Czechoslovakia did a better job of marketing Bezinky! We could have learned a thing or two!


Finally, to take things back to the very beginning of my record playing and that period around the Soviet Invasion, it turns out that Helena Blehárová did a version of Manfred Mann’s ‘My Name Is Jack’.


Things really have come full-circle now.



So, it appears that I was destined for the former Czechoslovakia from the start…and that nation has helped me re-discover the true extent of the talents of one of our very own should-have-been-greats.


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