The Story So Far (January 8, 2016)

It seems that 2016 has got off to a real flyer inasmuch as, thanks to my looking over my links from this past year and delving back into the career of one of my less-considered Czech artists and a couple of compilation LPs of those music festivals that went on east of the Iron Curtain, (one of the artists in question being behind a covering of a Bee Gees record, which I told my Bee Gees fan of a boss at the Mind Shop about…Bulgarian, Margarita Hranova’s version of ‘How Deep Is Your Love?’..remember that?)  a whole raft of Slovak artist have come to light, so it wasn’t only Valérie, then…and I’ve found a rare early-1970s bit of colour footage of Jitka Zelenková (who’s Moravian, not Slovakian)….and I’ve uncovered another stunner from Hungary…perhaps even more than Judith. There’s another one of those Netherlands-Czechoslovakia connections going on (I get the sense that, maybe because I know that both countries are noted for their Modernist industrial architecture, there’s a similar sensibility at work in the Dutch and Czechoslovak psyche, despite there being no obvious social, cultural or linguistic ties).


First up, a recording of a song by Hans van Hemert…the creative genius later behind LUV’…by a Slovak artist, whose life-span makes Valérie’s fifty-three look lengthy….tragically.ányiová



…who did a version of (talking of Napoleon!) ‘Waterloo’..just like the lovely Miluška Voborníková did.



Here’s that early colour footage of a TV performance by Jitka…pretty brisk song too.



Here’s a various artists LP with all those Slovak artists (the Bratislava-based Opus label is the one to look out for in this respect), with links to the discographies of the two more notable ones, apart from tragic Eva herself….one a fellow child of the teens of July!á-Lýra-1974/release/6310511áá


Talking of ‘1976’, I know how much you like Demis Roussos’ ‘Forever And Ever’..well..get this…Jana evidently did a version a couple of years previously.



…and one hasn’t lived until one has heard…wait for it…Slovak Ska. (a version of ‘Smoke Gets In Your Eyes’)



Here’s a version of ‘Woman In Love’, by Marcela.


Here’s that  various artists LP with Margarita on it…(and there’s Mirabela Dauer!)…together with the unbelieveably gorgeous Beáta Karda, both videos evidently from the long, hot Summer of ’76.




…and what can one say about this video? Why are the views still in only six figures (quite low six figures at that) after all these years? (circa seven!)



I don’t know about you but I catch bits of Clodagh in Beáta. I don’t think Clodagh ever got up to these sorts of goings-on, though…a shame!


As you can see, this is quite some start!


What was going on in Eastern Europe in the forties and early fifties? So many incredible and talented women coming onto the face of the planet.


…and like I’ll keep on asking…how much do we know about all this in the West of Europe?


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