The Story So Far (November 29, 2015)

Now for perhaps a must-get LP, as a result of turning that new Web search method of mine to things Romanian now and spotting a name that was unusual inasmuch as it is obviously one of German origins (there is a substantial minority, mostly in Transylvania). Well, let me introduce you to one of the great Soul voices of the late 1970s and early 1980s – Mirabela Dauer (how I’d love to be able to put a ‘1’ in front of the ‘9’ in the birthdate!).


My attention was initially grabbed by the video illustration to the title, ‘Seri De Argint’, which looked promising and of the requisite period and I wasn’t disappointed…a real ‘talcum powder tune’, in a sort of Mid-1970s Drifters-like vein….and guess what…it was only an album track! (I approve of the colours on the sleeve!)ții/master/824737

….and guess what, again…the entire LP is on-line here. High drama and first-class Soul singing and incredible production values all the way with an unbelievably beautiful fourth track on the first side (every track, I think, could have made a more-than-decent single).



Here she is in action on what looks like the same programme as that one in which Afric Simone appeared in Czechoslovakia.



…and finally, here she is being ‘doorstepped’ in a recently-shown Romanian TV show. Now, who could live in a house like this?



Finally, I think ‘Mirabela Dauer’ is one of those names that sounds dramatic when one says it. One can really get one’s mouth around it….and I am very proud already – less than twenty-four hours after initially discovering her – to call myself a Mirabela Dauer fan.


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