…and now it REALLY begins!

This Easter Monday would seem to be a good time to announce that I’m no longer going to be personally bothering my brother about all these latest discoveries. The ‘catch-up’ being now over, I can now get it all ‘out there’, to all and sundry, in one go, without going through the filter of my personal E-Mails.

So, pending all this uploading of videos that I’ve still got to thrash into, here is a selection of some of the latest news on the former Eastern Bloc Czechoslovakian Female Musical front.

As well as ‘My Name Is Jack’, by Manfred Mann, another ultra-early entry into my record collection (when my age would have been measurable in single digits…it’s into 50+ now!) was Dusty Springfield’s ‘I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten’. It appears that Helena Blehárová also recorded a version of that too.

It has also been instructive to look into the early career of Jitka Zelenková, (the era before her later ‘trademark’ curls), inspired by finding that article on her in ‘Chvil’ka pre teba’.

The following is a selection of some very impressive sounds, the last of which certainly at least knocks on the door of Northern Soul…quite some B-Side, too! ‘Já nechci mít’ is no slouch on that score as well! As one may have guessed, I am also something of an aficionado of Bubblegum, so a rendition of a version of a song like The Cufflinks’ ‘Tracy’ (as in ‘Hraj si’) does not come amiss.






The following is yet another reminder (from the later, ‘curly’ years) of what a fabulous performer Jitka was (is).


And finally, since I did actually visit her hometown (as opposed to having just passed through Jitka’s on the overnight train from Berlin to Bratislava), how could I simply pass by these two new discoveries from Valérie Čižmárová?…great tunes wherever one looks! (‘Mít aero a létat’ another Northern Soul B-Side from former Eastern Bloc Czechoslovakia?)


A perhaps slightly belated ‘Happy Easter’ to all my readers and enjoy the ‘virtual party’ to these sounds!

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