A familiar tune (and one not so?)

Maybe I should have realised that Jitka Zelenková’s ‘Chceš se smát’ was a familiar tune. It’s a case of hearing a tune rather out of context. Here’s one of the English-language versions – Shirley Bassey’s rendition of ‘When You Smile’, the original version of which had been by Roberta Flack. It serves to illustrate just the sort of calibre of artist Jitka is…taking on a tune associated with the likes of Dame Shirley.

It has also come to my attention that Jitka’s ‘Ve stínu na pláži’ was a cover of a song originally by an artist associated with the Northern Soul scene, Donna Hightower (‘This World Today Is A Mess’), so it is little wonder that I enjoyed that. It can be very educational, at times, to be into the Pop scene of the former Eastern Bloc, making one see music from the West in ways that might not otherwise have occurred to one. (Evidently a video from the French archive site, ina.fr, which has become very familiar to me over this past year or so, making me wonder if Donna was ‘Big in France’.)


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