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Now that I have got my Blog thoroughly up and running one matter that has occurred to me is (since the fact that I share the same birthday as Isabelle Morizet/Carene Cheryl/Karen Cheryl played a decisive role in sparking my interest in this sort of scene) that of birth dates/places (and dates of death, regrettably, in certain cases).

It seems that we’re beginning to get into the habit of wishing each other, on-line, a «bon anniversaire» on our birthday, so it would seem a good idea to try and mark these occasions on ‘GOTGE’.

The below sets out all those details I can access on-line regarding anyone who has been referenced thus far. It’s not exactly exhaustive, but it’ll do a job for the time being.

It seems (although in the ‘fog of the present’ that passed me by at the time) that I travelled to Michalovce on the anniversary of Valérie Čižmárová’s death. I wish, now, that I’d been more conversant with that fact at the time. It also happened to be Zsuzsa Koncz’s 70th Birthday!

It also seems that 9th July is a pretty popular birthday for Romanian Female Pop Stars!

GOTGE B’dates and B’places (+ Dates of Death, in cases):

Hana Zagorová:  6th September 1946, Petřkovice (suburb of Ostrava)

Maja Catrin Fritsche: 10th April 1960, Leipzig

Zsuzsa Koncz: 7th March 1946, Pély

Judit(-h) Szűcs: 15th August 1953, Budapest (Whether it’s ‘Judit’ or ‘Judith’ seems to be a case of taste, almost…and indeed, I have referred to her as both, over time…so sorry for the apparent inconsistency!)

Margarita Hranova: 20th December 1951, Sliven

Uschi Nerke:  14th January 1944, Komotau, (Chomutov) Sudetenland

Věra Špinarová:  22nd December 1951, Pohořelice

Marie Rottrová: 13th November 1941, Hrušov (suburb of Ostrava)

Naděžda (Nad’a) Urbánková: 30th June 1939, Nová Paka

Miluše (Miluška) Voborníková: 25th December 1949, Mladá Boleslav

Valérie Čižmárová: 29th January 1952, Michalovce, died 7th March 2005, Prague

Mirabela Dauer:  born as Mirabela Scorțaru, 9th July 1947, Bucharest

Angela Similea: 9th July 1946, Ilfov

Marina Voica Maiden name Marinka Nicolskaia, Born 2nd September 1936, Ivanovo, Soviet Union

Margareta Pâslaru: 9th July 1943, Bucharest

Petra Černocká: 24th November 1949, Prague

Zdzisława Sośnicka: 29th August 1945, Kalisz

Eva Kostolányiová (née Vermešová): 2nd November 1942, Trnava, died 3rd October 1975, Bratislava

Jitka Zelenková: 5th June 1950, Brno

Magdi Bódy: 15th July 1953, Budapest

Beáta Karda: 4th September 1950, Gyõr

Marcela Laiferová (née Bujnová): 14th July 1945, Petrovice nr. Žilina

Jana Kocianová:  8th June 1946, Šaštínske-Stráže

Founding Member of Bezinky, Lída Nopová: 9th May 1947, Domažlice (no further details known on Helena Viktorínová and Helena Heřmanová)

Helena Blehárová: 28th June 1943, Žilina

Helena Vondráčková: 24th June 1947, Prague

Sheila/Sheila B. Devotion (Anny Chancel): 16th August 1945, Créteil

Carene/Karen Cheryl (Isabelle Morizet): 19th July 1957, St. Germain-en-Laye (DON’T believe all those sources that add two years to Isabelle’s age!)

Karina (María Isabel Bárbara Llaudés Santiago): 4th December 1943, Jaén, Andalucía

Cilla Black: Priscilla Maria Veronica White OBE 27th May 1943, Vauxhall, (suburb of Liverpool), died 1st August 2015, Estepona, Málaga

Dusty Springfield: Mary Isobel Catherine Bernadette O’Brien OBE 16th April 1939, West Hampstead, North London, died 2nd March 1999, Henley-on-Thames

Members of LUV’: José Hoebee: 29th March 1954, Best, Patty Brard (born Petula Louise Brard): 25th March 1955, Sorong, New Guinea, Marga Scheide (born Margareth Scheide): 15th February 1954, Amsterdam

Members of Venus: Ellen, Leen, Cinthia, Chantal and Christel from Antwerp (no further details known)

Members of Babe (as at time of recording of ‘(Never Listen To A) Bouzouki Player’): Monique Hagemeijer, Rita van Rooij, Gemma van Eck (no further details known)

Members of The Flirtations: Earnestine Pearce, Shirley Pearce, (no further details known) Viola “Vie” Billups (aka Pearly Gates): 4th July 1946, Alabama

Clodagh Rodgers: 5th March 1947, Ballymena (now known to be, in reality, Warrenpoint courtesy of the ‘Ready steady girls!’ site.)

Dame Shirley Bassey: 8th January 1937, Tiger Bay, Cardiff

Sally Carr:  Sarah Cecilia Carr, 28th March 1945, Muirhead

It looks as if Maja Catrin Fritsche’s 56th Birthday is the next stop as I write.

…and it looks like I’ve just happened to choose both the artists who are no longer with us to open my former Eastern Bloc record collecting!

Next time I’ll try somebody who is still alive!


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