A tough job


We’ve had a bit of a shift-around at work involving moving into a new office and – last time I knew – ‘hot-desking’, with laptops that were going to be provided. Unsure whether or not these new laptops were going to have been sorted out I thought I’d better take in my own laptop, in case…and very glad I was that I did, since there was my old desktop box from the old place dusted down and installed in the new place (so no famous ‘hot-desking’, then!). So, I could work on that while I had my laptop, with all the GOTGE stuff in place, for company (don’t worry…I wasn’t disturbing anybody else!..it was just me on my ‘ownieo’).

I kicked off with Mirabela Dauer’s ‘Taina nopţii’ album, sounding even better than I recalled it back in November (albums are rather better by which to work than singles!).


Since that was not a million miles away from a touch of the ‘Judith Szűcses’ in my time-line I just happened to stumble upon what looks like a sort of ‘Judith Szűcs Show’, evidently from back in her heyday in the process. I DID still manage to concentrate on my work, though…and…if anything…worked more quickly! We even get to hear Judith singing in English…with her Italian guest Singer/Dancer, Don Lurio…plus a couple of combined song and dance acts – one in Italian. Once again, as I think I’ve alluded to in the past, it’s one of those cases where the Iron Curtain simply melts away in the heat of just great entertainment. 


Hana Zagorová, too, had her own TV show around that time, so I suppose that it was apposite that I had a bit of Hana later to round things off….her show-stopping performance (and outfit, dare I say!) at the Sopot Festival of 1984….since that was also a pretty long video.


Yesterday, as part of my investigations into my possible brilliant new career in Travel and Tourism, I went to an event at Travel Counsellors’ swanky new HQ in Manchester and all visitors were wide-eyed and envious of the working conditions there.

I bet they don’t see anything like this while they’re at work there!

Our stock-in-trade where I work is all about mental wellbeing.

It certainly does one good to be paid to spend an afternoon with Mirabela, Judith and Hana!



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