Another hard day at work

No personal laptop at work – where I am, part-time, every Tuesday afternoon – yesterday, but I did think to see if I couldn’t track down, on my work ‘box’ computer, Mirabella Dauer’s (yes…with two ‘Ls’…you don’t only get the ‘spelling thing’ going on in the case of Judit(-h)!) first album from 1980, ‘Voi Cînta’….and what an inaugural album it was! We even get one of those unlikely Eastern European/Low Countries connections going on with another version of the song the Dutch Girl Group, Babe released as ‘(Never Listen To A) Bouzouki Player’ appearing on the album (second track) – a true sound of the Balkan Peninsula!


This was followed by a couple of whole episodes of Hana Zagorová’s TV show from the early 1980s, ‘Dluhy Hany Zagorové’  (with me occasionally dropping back into the visual action from my work) – the first incorporating the live performance Czech-language version of ‘The Loco-motion’,  ‘Diskohrátky’ and ending with a storming Czech-language rendition of Donna Summer’s ‘Hot Stuff’ and the second (in the open air on what I translated from the Czech as a ‘Spring night’) Hana’s performance with the Disco Singer/Dancer from the Juillard School, BuenaVentura….in the very dramatic surroundings of a floodlit castle. Hana certainly could put on quite some shows!

Subsequently, I have tracked down some Mirabela Dauer videos from before the beginning of her album-releasing career – the middle one of which (a very lively TV studio performance!) was uploaded, I note, on Mirabela’s birthday, fittingly (what a present for her!). I might return to that on 9th July, then!

Incidentally, when it comes to linguistic familiarity, I suppose that anyone who has studied one of the Western European Romance languages such as French (as I have) and has an outline knowledge of Spanish and Italian, at least has something of a ‘handle’ on Romanian – that being a language of the Romance. For instance, I have translated my favourite track off Mirabela’s ‘Taina Nopții’ album, ‘Cînd Te Voi Revedea’ as being exactly the same title as The Three Degrees’ classic, ‘When Will I See You Again?’ I would also guess that another pretty decent track, ‘Seri De Argint’, might mean something like ‘Silver Evening’.


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