Praise from the ‘biz’

Some years ago (about the same sort of period as when I discovered Carene Cheryl’s ‘Paris Match’ photo in my attic) I was walking along a street in my hometown of Belper and caught sight of a flyer advertising a gig at a local pub by a band called Censored – sold in words such as “A Mod Band with a Modern sensibility” (I’ve forgotten what exactly was written). Intrigued, I thought I’d go along to see what all the fuss was about. I was instantly impressed by these three young gentlemen (still at school at the time, as far as I recall) and went through a brief few years following them alongside another local band…this one from the original Mod era back in the 1960s (it’s a long story in itself how I got in contact with them!) called Godfrey’s Grit ‘n’ Soul Band. Censored managed the extraordinary feat of being named one of the ‘Top Five’ of ‘Best Unsigned Bands in the UK’, but time moved on and – while still following GGnSB – I largely fell out of contact with Censored’s members after the band broke up (under amicable circumstances, I hasten to add!) with the notable exception of the Lead Vocalist/Lead Guitarist, Matt Henshaw, who is still going strong in the ‘biz’.

(As GGnSB’s ‘No. 1 Fan’ and ‘Additional Member’ I can claim a personal GOTGE connection inasmuch as it is a regular party piece of mine to join the band on stage and accompany  them in their rendition of ‘Hit The Road Jack’…as performed below by the two children of late 1949, Petra Černocká and Miluška Voborníková – quite a song and dance number!)





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A few days ago, I was very glad to receive an E-Mail from Matt backing up what my impressions were on Hana Zagorová’s and Kylie Minogue’s respective renditions of ‘The Loco-motion’, which is praise indeed from someone with Matt’s background! He is an extremely interesting person with whom to make an acquaintance and the following is a link to his own Blog (on WordPress’s rival, BlogSpot!) I note he’s been on tour in a part of the world I know very well – and has even played a gig where I spent a long, hot Summer (1995) working on an archaeological dig in my home city of Derby’s twin city in Germany, Osnabrück.

Since I mention my famous fellow child of 19th July, Carene Cheryl, above, it was a remarkable tale how it transpired that one of my colleagues on that dig (an Egyptologist from Italy) was another lady from the Continental Mainland born on that date. So, on our common birthday, we threw a multi-cultural, outdoor, birthday dinner – her making home-made tagliatelle in tomato sauce and me (in true British fashion!) taking care of the ‘pudding’ – my Scottish sister-in-law’s speciality of ‘Tartan Apple Pie’, made with the windfall apples that were at that time of year just beginning to appear on the lawn at the students’ accommodation block where I was quartered for that Summer, topped with a topping made of melted margarine, golden syrup and ‘porridge’ oats and baked in the oven just like a regular Apple Pie – served with hot custard. Hot puddings are the jewel-in-the-crown of British cuisine (apparently unique to us) and it created an instant storm of interest, because it was something incredibly ‘exotic’ to my Continental colleagues – my French dig colleague (a Learning Resources Co-Ordinator at The Louvre) being inspired to make her own version of it. I thought to myself, “is this ‘Nouvelle Cuisine Écossaise’ (‘New Scottish Cuisine’), then?”  There’s me, serving up the custard from a vacuum flask!





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