Some of Hana’s guests on ‘Dluhy…’

Having had, subsequently, an opportunity to re-view the first episode of Hana Zagorová’s show, ‘Dluhy Hany Zagorové’ – this time around being able to watch the whole thing – a number of things have arisen regarding her guests. First of all, how could I have failed to have mentioned the great Karel Gott, with whom Hana duetted immediately following her performance of ‘Diskohrátky’. That’s not a bad guest to have on the first episode! On the subject of Hana’s duets, her sometime singing partner, Petr Rezek was another guest….and how, also, could I overlook Jaroslav Růžička’s tremendous drum solo  – from the same year, incidentally,  as Karen Cheryl introduced her edition of the variety show, ‘Numéro un’ with her forte on the drums…perhaps the only time in the public eye when she wasn’t ‘being’ “Karen Cheryl, the ‘Sexy Disco Star'” during the ‘Karen years’…more the drum-playing kid growing up on her Dad’s maize farm.

There were also a couple of other guests who have managed to send me off on yet another direction in terms of GOTGE.

The first of these  was another case of a musical guest from the other side of the Iron Curtain – Austria’s Goldie Ens, who performed two songs in English. It appears that half-a-decade earlier she had appeared on a New Year’s Day special show on Polish TV – again, singing in English – a show featuring some of the most popular performers of the day, mostly from fellow Eastern Bloc nations, plus notable exceptions such as Goldie Ens.

On that same show, Marie Rottrová (evidently spelled differently on the caption for the benefit, pronunciation-wise, of the Polish viewing public!) also appeared.

Like Helen Blehárová did in my GOTGE research, one of those names that were evidently very big in that era and has been in the corner of my vision for some time has finally leapt out of the shadows, thanks to discovering this show – Poland’s own Maryla Rodowicz.

This was itself quite some show, clearly – on a suitably grand scale for the festive occasion!

The other foreign female guest on ‘Dluhy…’ carries on the Polish theme – Poland’s Ewa Kuklińska. It seems that she, together with her near-contemporary, Zdzisława Sośnicka, was part of a Polish Disco-Funk scene, if the following is anything to go by.

This, at length, led me to three covers of Western Disco classics – two by Ewa (both originally by Chic) and one by Zdzisława (by Rod Stewart). In reply to the title of Rod’s English-language original, in Zdzisława’s case dare I say that the overwhelming answer would be in the affirmative!

So, thanks to Hana’s show, Poland is, at long last, opening up in terms of getting artists on the GOTGE roster.

Poland had it seriously going on!

Get down on the floor!


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