Zdzisława ‘does an Eva’

Well, well, well – now here’s a thing if ever there was one!

Just by ‘tootling’ around some Zdzisława Sośnicka videos I can see what she got up to in-between the appearance at the Sopot Festival of 1971 and becoming a Disco Diva in 1977. If I’m correctly translating the Polish from my limited knowledge of the language this (1973) version of Vicky Leandros’ 1972 Eurovision Song Contest Winner, ‘Après toi’/’Come What May’, was unreleased, unlike Eva Kostolányiová’s cover, ‘Keď si sám’. Could there have been some competition between the two versions, then? (…and that’s why it wasn’t released). It’s an appreciably more uptempo treatment of the song and it’s certainly hit material, so it’s a pity that it wasn’t released…since I might have liked to have ordered a copy of the disc on-line.

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