An MOTR connection way beyond Europe

Recently, I have had cause to be in contact with Mimi Lozano of ‘’ – a site (with monthly editions) dedicated to the contribution made to U.S. life and history by the Hispanic/Latino Community.

This puts me unavoidably in mind of Middle Of The Road’s connections way beyond the continent of Europe. ‘Soley Soley’ was covered as far away as El Salvador, by Glenda Gaby. In case one thinks to oneself that Scotland and El Salvador must be completely separate musical universes, surely, one does have to keep in mind the fact that the song was written by a Spaniard, Fernando Arbex and that MOTR’s version was recorded in Madrid (making that fact that MOTR had so many connections east of the Iron Curtain all the more incredible, given the fact that we are talking about a Spain still under Franco…hardly Communism’s greatest friend!)

In that context the distance between Scotland and El Salvador shrinks quite markedly.

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