Eva’s ‘walk in the Derbyshire countryside’

I am very glad to report that, yesterday, my 1973 Eva Kostolányiová LP sleeve arrived, complete with signatures, together with an event programme.

A very short Tuesday’s day at work yesterday afternoon…and since it was such a pleasant evening, with no problems regarding daylight length now we have got around to this time of year, (and the programme I administer is a walking-for-wellbeing programme) I decided to walk the ten or so miles back home, stopping off to do a bit of shopping on the way, which filled my rucksack (the one with which I rushed from my hotel to the concert venue) so much I had to get the LP (that I’d taken in to show to my work colleagues) out to avoid it being damaged, carrying it in my hand through the Derbyshire countryside. As I was walking through the Derby suburb of Allestree on the way I was wondering if any passers-by might have been wondering who this ‘Eva Kostolányiová’ was if they spotted my LP. Well…it’s all good publicity for one of my GOTGE!






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