‘The Two Evas’ do Little Eva

As I believe I might have said before (well, in my ‘The Story So Far’ section of the Blog at any rate), just as I was about to turn my attention to things Polish (many exciting discoveries of late…also incorporating some about the ‘big one’ itself, the Soviet Union…but they can now wait) what turns up but this. Yes, as well as Hana Zagorová having recorded an English-language version of ‘The Loco-motion’ (which I have previously embedded on GOTGE, but which is now unfortunately disappeared from the Web, resulting in my having to delete that particular post) who else should have performed the song but ‘The Two Evas’- Kostolányiová and Máziková, backed by the Braňo Hronec Sound, as early as 1966 – the former in the year that she’d have turned 24 and the latter, incredibly, in the year she’d have turned just 17…and given a birth in a late stage of the year she might even have been just 16 when the film was shot. In the audience, in addition, one can easily spot a young Marcela Laiferová (in the front row with the blonde hair). It is almost quite fitting that a song associated with Little Eva should have been performed by two singers called ‘Eva’.


I have, on and off, wondered whatever happened to Eva K’s erstwhile singing partner. Well, if this story concerning a still-very-recent concert in Prague featuring female Slovak artists is anything to go by she is still a pretty big name…if that isn’t an understatement! Who else should be appearing alongside Eva M. but – in a reunion from that 1966 ‘The Loco-motion’ performance – Marcela Laiferová herself and the great (certainly to me) Jana Kocianová. One can also tell that Eva is still in pretty good shape for a lady the top side of 65!


…which, given its youth-enhancing effects, may be partly put down to having participated in the Slovak answer to ‘Strictly Come Dancing’….coming Runner-Up.


It’s interesting to note one of the other celebrities participating in that series, Miroslav Šmajda…with whom I am already familiar on account of having shown a video of his performance of Deep Purple’s legendary track, ‘Smoke On The Water’ on the Czech/Slovak answer to ‘X Factor’ to my ‘famous’ older brother, who was – and indeed, still is – a huge Purple fan….although I do have to say that he found Miroslav’s rendition rather comical!

It is quite evident that, despite a dodgy (to my brother!) rendition of ‘Smoke On The Water’, it has done his professional chances no harm since here he is with his band, Terrapie, demonstrating, as I allude to in my Blog Introduction page, the tremendous tourist-generating potential of the Czech and Slovak landscape, that I have seen in numerous promo-videos from back in the 1970s. It’s one heck of a backdrop to have at one’s disposal! Despite the title it is not to be confused with the song that Jana Kocianová performed at the ‘Bratislava Lyre’ of 1976.

Finally, in another one of those ‘full circle’ things, ‘The Two Evas’ and the Braňo Hronec Sound recorded a Slovak version of another one of the early records into which I’d have come into contact…Christie’s ‘Yellow River’, the title of which was literally translated into the Slovak.

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