The whole World can spell ‘Leicester’ now

When I’m in Derby on a Tuesday I sometimes treat myself to one of the German magazines stocked at the newsagents in the magnificent Victorian Market Hall.

In the latest edition of ‘Das neue Blatt’ there was a two-page spread feature on Pop Stars in Germany (that would be WEST Germany) from what would basically be the GOTGE era.




GOTGE readers will already be familiar with the name of the 1972 Eurovision Song Contest Winner (representing Luxembourg), Vicky Leandros – who, despite being Greek by birth is almost an honorary German, Pop Music-wise – via the Slovak and Polish interpretations of that winning song, respectively by Eva Kostolányiová and Zdzisława Sośnicka.

There is also a real Eastern European-born star in the roster of performers in this spread – Lithuania’s Lena Valaitis, who, like Vicky Leandros, became an adoptive German and represented Germany in the E.S.C. of 1981.

But we here at GOTGE never knowingly pass up the opportunity to investigate early 1970s ‘songbirds’ in mini-dresses…so on to Manuela, who (since we can’t get away from Leicester!) performed this swinging number…which demonstrates that the spelling of the placename has caused its fair share of difficulties in the past….well, certainly to the party who uploaded this video! No doubt we won’t see that going on from now on!

It’s not quite ‘Eastern’, but it’s entertaining, features a cracker of a ‘songbird’ and comes from the European Continental Mainland..which is still ‘all good’!




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