Better-than-average ‘muzak’

I don’t imagine that there are many people whose thoughts turn to Slovakia while shopping at the Co-Op in a small town somewhere in the middle of England, but mine did earlier this evening (actually now yesterday) while at Belper Co-Op, when, on Co-Operative Radio, Otis Redding’s ‘Hard To Handle’ was being played.

With a Slovak version thereof, Eva Kostolányiová brings her eponymous album from 1973 to a close – entitled ‘Týždeň po svadbe’ (‘The Week After The Wedding’, in English)…and rather good stuff with which to sign off a set it is too!

If anybody doubted the fact that the great ladies of the Eastern Bloc had Soul (I don’t for one second!) just take a stroll through this selection uploaded by the inestimable Hana Blažeková, who, with her ‘Big Beat’ channel, looks as legendary a lady on YouTube as the wonderfully named Kerith-Louisa Williams-Catton at ‘Northern Soul Yorkshire’. The only possible fly in the ointment is that ‘Jitka Zelinková’ should be ‘Jitka Zelenková’. Just looking at the names Hana Zagorová, Jitka and Eva themselves, Marcela Laiferová, Marie Rottrová, Jana Kocianová and Valérie Čižmárová in amongst the artists listed (please click on the text at the top to break out of the embedding and then click on ‘Show More’ for the artists list) is enough to give me goosebumps in itself, but to add the layer of it being a Soul-oriented compilation sends it to another level again….and the contribution by Helena Vondráčková, who has previously been leaving me a little cold, begins to get me just a little bit excited by her at last!

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