We’ve had ‘Slovak Ska’ on GOTGE, so…

I said “more on Eastern Bloc versions of ‘Obladi Oblada’ later” and I also alluded to Polish Girl Groups at one time, so the following is an exposition on those points.

Also in 1969 the Polish Girl Group, Alibabki did their own version of the song – another one of those cases where versions of Western Pop songs recorded by artists in the Eastern Bloc take me right back to the beginning of my record collecting (or rather, my Dad’s on my and my older brother’s respective behalfs, at a stall on Belper Market that sold ex-jukebox 45s at knock-down prices). In our case it was a version by The Bedrocks and had, in my recollection (as a ‘Killer B’ aficionado) quite a presentable B-Side in the shape of ‘Lucy’.

…and here it is…being played on…wait for it….a jukebox! (Our copy didn’t look like that!)

This was not Alibabki’s first encounter with the world of Ska. In an extraordinarily early uptake of the genre (it would have been so, at that time, in THIS country, let alone somewhere in the Eastern Bloc) they recorded Ska tracks as early as 1965, as ‘Ali Babki’. Don’t forget that in Victoria Coren’s TV programme, ‘Balderdash And Piffle’, on the development of vocabulary in the English Language, the origins of the word ‘Ska’, as used by UK-based speakers, could only be traced back as far as 1964, (previously, it would have been referred to in this country as ‘Bluebeat’) so that puts into context just how early an adoption of the term this would have been in a country like Poland!

At the  Opole Festival of 1977 it appears that the girls rolled out their ‘oldie’ from a dozen years beforehand…having some tremendous fun in the process, evidently!


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