Všetko najlepšie k 70. narodeninám, Eva!

I have only just discovered over this past few days that, seventy years ago to the day, Eva Sepešiová was born in Košice, so, it’s Many Happy Returns to her.

It’s a shame that Eva didn’t release more actual records than she did, since she was quite a performer, as evidenced by these three videos – one in sort of Duran Duran style (but in a rather different environment!) on board a vessel and one (‘Hádaj, čo čas mi brával’) from the edition of the Bratislava-based Pop Music programme, ‘Našich deväť’, on which, tragically, Eva Kostolányiová would have made one of the last TV appearances of a life that ended long before her 70th birthday.



Eva Sepešiová might have had, relative to some of my GOTGE artists, not much of a recording career, but Slovak TV evidently decided that she warranted a mini-TV programme dedicated to her, showing off her fabulous voice…and a veritable parade of Winter coats! The title of the programme would have been ‘Happy Day’ and – by way of linguistic education – those endings on the ends of Eva’s first and surnames are the Slovak Genitive, meaning ‘of Eva Sepešiová’.


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