Long before KFC’s campaign

One of the more memorable advertising campaigns on British TV in recent years was the Kentucky Fried Chicken campaign that broke Frank Wilson’s Northern Soul classic ‘Do I Love You (‘deed I Do)?’, that accompanied the advert, beyond the Northern scene to a nationwide TV audience, sparking such imitations of Northern classics accompanying advertisement campaigns as when a campaign for Jamie Oliver’s endorsed products at Sainsbury’s was accompanied by Felice Taylor’s ‘I Can Feel Your Love’.

In the midst of my ‘tootlings’ around the Pop Culture that would have been the wider context in which the GOTGE would have existed, just today, I seem to have uncovered, in amongst a fascinating series of TV adverts from Communist-era Czechoslovakia – yes, there were clearly such things, indicating that Communist society had more truck with the world of commerce than ever we thought possible…the publicly-funded BBC is more ‘Communist’ in that respect! – a campaign for Prior, which would date from way before the aforementioned KFC campaign, (please spool on to the 1 hr 14 minute 22 second mark) the end of which is accompanied by a short burst of the track by Valérie Čižmárová that appears on Hana Blažeková’s ‘Big Beat’ ‘TOP 20 SOUL IN CZECHOSLOVAK POP SONGS (1968-1973)’ compilation, ‘Důkaz dej mi’

Would this be the original Northern Soul advert, then?….NOT KFC. So much for Western impressions that Eastern Bloc Pop Culture was way behind ours. In many ways it could be argued that it was us who were lagging!


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