Hana’s ‘Soul House Party’

We are just about coming up to Jitka Zelenková’s 66th birthday (Sunday 5th) and Jana Kocianová’s 70th birthday (Wednesday 8th) and in the process of looking around for options to order records to mark these occasions my attention was unavoidably drawn to the following video, which shows that, more than a decade before ‘Dluhy Hany Zagorové’ began its run, Hana Zagorová had her own (admittedly quite short) show (‘Písničky pro Hanku’ – ‘Some Little Songs For Hanny’) with guests in her ‘house’ (really, a set in a TV studio somewhere in Hana’s home city of Ostrava), including that other home city girl, Marie Rottrová, performing, in a duet with Petr Němec, a Czech-language version of that Motown song made famous by that other duo, Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, ‘You’re All I Need To Get By’, followed by Hana, with some of her guests, performing a Czech-language version of Aretha Franklin’s classic, ‘I Say A Little Prayer’ (an original title like that in notionally ‘godless’ Communist-era Czechoslovakia?). What I REALLY love, though, is the bit where Hana switches on that reel-to-reel tape recorder to play a real Soul ‘stormer’, ‘Funky Fever’, by Clarence Carter.

With some real long-haired (male!) guests, (I’m thinking especially of the group, Blue Effect), some hot Soul Music and an informal approach like this, one really has to pinch oneself to keep in mind that this is a nation that has just been rolled over by swarms of Soviet tanks and that this is what they are watching on TV.

It’s long before Noël Edmonds had his ‘House Party’ on British TV! So, once again, the Communist-era Czechoslovaks are being streets ahead of us Brits!

I wish I’d have been invited! This looks like my kind of party!

If one looks at the following link one will note that the programme went out at 6.00 pm on 27th June 1969. This was a Friday, according to my research. It’s quite a ‘kick-off’ for a Summer’s weekend, therefore. ‘The Weekend Starts Here!’, indeed…as the slogan for ‘Ready, Steady, Go!’ went.


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