Všechno nejlepší k narozeninám, Jitka!

It’s Jitka Zelenková’s birthday today, thus getting under way what will be quite a ‘birthday season’ of the GOTGE, since many of them are children of the Summer months and early September.

To celebrate this occasion here are a couple of examples of Jitka’s collaborations with Valérie Čižmárová, the second also with Drahomíra Vlachová – ‘Moře štěstí’ (‘Sea Of Happiness’) and ‘Bylo jaro’ (‘It Was Spring’) – which GOTGE readers will not have hitherto seen.

One will note that the first of these was the origin of the GOTGE Blog’s signature photo, which I think is one of the strongest-ever female Pop Music-related images ever taken anywhere. I love the symmetry of the pose, the contrast between the overall darkness of Jitka’s hair and outfit and the overall lightness of Valérie’s, the togetherness that the pose represents and the fact that – like looking at a compass – Jitka, from the western, Czech half of the country, is on the left and Valérie, from the eastern, Slovak half, is on the right.

The second video is simply charm personified.


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