The Two J’s (plus a ‘K’!)

Since it has been both Jitka’s and Jana’s birthdays in this past few days this is an ideal ‘excuse’ to explore Jitka’s collaborations with Jana alluded to in the article about Jitka I read in a copy of the Slovak magazine, ‘Chvíľka pre teba’ (‘A Little Time For You’) I purchased while in Slovakia back in early March….specifically on Karel Gott’s TV show, ‘Zpívá Karel Gott’, (‘Karel Gott Sings’) on which, so it transpires, that performance, that has been mentioned a couple of times on GOTGE thus far, of Jitka’s ‘Ve stínu na pláži’ (‘In The Shade On The Beach’) appeared, judging by outfit (Episode No. 2, from 1973…up second in this series.)

The Two J’s (plus a ‘K’!) were quite a combination! (If the aforementioned videos are anything to go by). Also, there has been talk, previously, on GOTGE, of Eva Kostolányiová as a ‘fashion icon’ of the early 1970s in Czechoslovakia. I happen to think that both J’s could also claim that status, given the array of outfits in which they are attired. Those featured in the first two episodes from 1973 wouldn’t look out-of-place in the Britain of today – especially the tight patterned top that Jitka partners with black flared slacks. There also isn’t much of that ‘typically monochrome’ Eastern Bloc look about most of the outfits that can be spotted in the audience in the background. It’s quite a colourful display!
Oh…and of course the music’s entertaining too!


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