This Eastern European Invasion goes on!

Well, here I am – still undecided on what Helena Vondráčková disc to order and hoping that what’s happening to the Pound right now won’t start making my disc-ordering substantially more expensive! – some hours later, now the Referendum result has become clear….and it has also become clear that we are on the way to a new Prime Minister, thanks, in part, to having followed this morning’s news on the Slovak broadcaster, RTVS, trying to keep up as much as I could with the Slovak and listening to David Cameron’s words being translated into Slovak.

(I haven’t been to bed at all so I’m hoping that going to tonight’s Godfrey’s Grit ‘n’ Soul Band won’t be too taxing!)

No matter what decision the British people have made GOTGE is determined that this particular ‘Eastern European Invasion’ that GOTGE has started will go on and no border controls will stand in the way of this.

One question…who’s going to be the next Presiding Country (which was due to be the UK) in the EU now we’re no longer a member?

It might be Slovakia…or Hungary…or the Czech Republic…or Romania…or Bulgaria…or Poland, instead. This might be worthy of investigation.

They’re the bosses now, if it’s any one of them.

Well, they did have all the best music! (apart from GGnSB and Matt Henshaw and before that, Censored, naturally!…and how could I forget Carene Cheryl and Middle Of The Road?)…so they’re eminently qualified in my books!






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