Všechno nejlepší k narozeninám, Helena!

We’re just in the very early stages of Helena Vondráčková’s birthday as I write, waiting overnight for the E.U. Referendum results!

Now, I know that you probably know that…how can I put this?…H.V. hasn’t exactly been a favourite, despite her great fame…or is it a case of ‘because’?…I don’t know!

However, it would still be churlish of me to let that get in the way of my wishing her Many Happy Returns from GOTGE and I’m trying desperately, in amongst the huge raft of available releases, to seek out something to order to mark this event, an LP with a title in English, strangely enough, emerging as a front runner, but even now I am hardly 100% convinced.

It’s a shame that the following was just a transitory thing on TV rather than anything committed to vinyl, but the following pop-up supergroup performance of a version of ELO’s ‘Don’t Bring Me Down’ has to be the favourite Helena Vondráčková-related thing across which I have come, since what do we have but a touch of the Carene Cheryls? Helena on Drums!..with Jiří Schelinger on Lead Guitar , Věra Špinarová on Bass Guitar, and Petra Černocká on Piano.

…and a fitting way to mark her birthday!



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