Všetko najlepšie k narodeninám, Marcela!

Today is Marcela Laiferová’s birthday!

Late last night – about a quarter of an hour into her birthday – I just happened to discover by chance that Marcela covered Lulu’s ‘I’m A Tiger’ as ‘Hrajme, hrajme’. 

GOTGE readers will already be aware of the numerous covers of Middle Of The Road songs by artists in Communist-era Czechoslovakia, but, with respect to Sally Carr, it has to be said that Lulu is a much higher-profile artist from Scotland and I have long been wondering at the back of my mind if I’d ever encounter a ‘Scottish Connection’ in Czechoslovakia in respect of Lulu as opposed to MOTR. It appears that I have.

To carry on the covers theme, I’ve also uncovered one by Marcela of Crispian St. Peters’ ‘Follow Me’, as ‘Preskoč múr’…a pretty good tune.

Finally, since we have substantially been on a circa-forty-years-ago trip of late, here is some actual action from Marcela on the Bratislava-based Pop Music show, ‘Našich deväť’ from 1975. Reading between the lines on watching the entire show (which I have done in the case of another edition) the general idea of ‘Našich deväť’ (which means ‘Our Nine’) was to take nine original songs from fellow Eastern Bloc countries and have Slovak artists perform their versions thereof. It seems that this would originally have been a Hungarian song by Zsuzsa Koncz, but unfortunately I can’t seem to track that down.



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