Boldog születésnapot, Magdi!

Today is Magdi Bódy’s birthday! (I told you that we were in for a pretty rapid succession of GOTGE birthdays over this next few months!)

To celebrate the sheer vocal brilliance of Magdi and the incredible levels of creativity that existed east of the Iron Curtain, here is Magi performing (in 1976, I would imagine) a sort of Jazz-Funk re-working of a song from nine years previously in the heart of the Psychedelia era, by the group, Omega (written by Gábor Presser and István S. Nagy), ‘Azt Mondta Az Anyukám’.

From a couple of years later (1978),  here are a couple of tracks from Magdi’s album ‘SLPX 17560’ (both also natively composed – by Gyula Dancsák and Miklós Tibor in the case of ‘Roki roki rock and roll’ and by Anna Adamis and Gábor Presser in the case of ‘Az 1958-as Boogie-Woogie Klubban’). One really, as has happened so often beforehand in the world of GOTGE, has to pinch oneself that this supremely ‘out there’ performer was performing such videos in a society like Communist-era Hungary. There is something of the ‘Suzi Quatros’ about Magdi in these two videos, I think (especially the second)….and in all these three videos Magdi’s vocal gymnastics positively leap out at one.


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