An important update on ‘The Story So Far’ section of GOTGE

When I went to Slovakia back in early March I took three cameras with me – using my most sophisticated digital one as a video camera, primarily (still haven’t got around to doing anything with those videos yet!), backing that up with my ‘fancy’ SLR film camera and a little compact film camera that I picked up for 50 pence at a white elephant stall at a local village fête!…where at this year’s edition thereof I finally grabbed the opportunity to ‘run out’ the film (which I have done in the case of the ‘cheapo’ camera)  and then get it off to the developers (Photo Express – a very good service, getting the prints back within forty-eight hours of sending them off at the regular rate!)

I have used this opportunity to insert some photos from the trip to illustrate the relevant points I am trying to make.

…and while I was in scanning mode I thought I’d better replace the photographs of the «Salut les copains», No. 167, Carene Cheryl article,  which I’d originally uploaded, with actual scans of the article, which I think show up better and one can actually read the French in the original article now.


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