Where the magic happened…

…in Prague…and Derby.
Hana Blažeková is very good in her YouTube uploads for identifying the date and the location of the recordings.
From this, I can tell that Valérie Čižmárová’s ‘Důkaz dej mi (Who’s Your Baby)’ was recorded on 4th May 1973, at Mozarteum. So, too, was Valérie’s ‘Říkáš pořád, jak ti na mně záleží’ (Music by Vladimír Rukavička – Lyrics by Petr Markov), but on 28th August 1972, showing that the twenty-year-old was building up very nicely to what I consider to be her ‘Classic Year’…another astoundingly mature performance.


It was very instructive to look into this place, since it seems a worthy place to visit from the architectural point of view, judging by the photos in the following link. The building (on the street, Jungmannová ) was designed by Jan Kotěra and built in the Geometric Modern style between 1911 and 1912. One doesn’t need to understand the Czech in the page linked to see that Valérie was treading in some very distinguished musical footsteps! It also seems that anything that would have been out on either the Supraphon or Panton labels in the GOTGE era would have been recorded there. I imagine a few heads turning when Valérie swept through those gold doors on the way to putting down all that magic onto vinyl.


This very neatly links in with one of my many other interests – Twentieth Century architecture in the Modernist/Art Deco style. Occasionally, I lead a pair of walks through the City Centre of Derby on behalf of the organisation for which I work, Enjoying Derby – on this theme. One of the buildings featured in the first of this series of walks – photos of buildings on the tours shown linked below – is Queen’s Leisure Centre, Cathedral Road, designed by the Derby Borough Architect, Charles Herbert Aslin – the man who conceived of Derby’s then ground-breaking Early-1930s Central Improvement Scheme, with the similarly ground-breaking (but now, unfortunately, demolished) Central Bus and Coach Interchange at its heart. Queen’s Leisure Centre is the place where the recently-crowned 100-Metre Breast Stroke Olympic Champion, Adam Peaty (our very own young star!) trained.



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