Boldog születésnapot, Judit!

Today is Judit Szűcs’s birthday!

…so what better way of marking it than this insight into what the Hungarian viewing public would have been enjoying at 8.00 pm on Saturday 27th May 1978 – a show named after Judit’s Disco smash, ‘Táncolj még!’ – one of the greatest Disco tunes ever, courtesy of the genius composer, Gjon Delhusa.

In that year that was the title track of Judit’s LP. Here are the tracks from it, complete with one heck of a glamorous and fashionable cover shot…again one of those many spectacularly ‘un-Communist’ images I have encountered. Yes, the Hungarians had Saturday night TV like the aforementioned and Disco albums like the following!

I did say that ‘Táncolj még’ might be one of the greatest Disco tunes ever, but in this updating of the post I think ‘Tavaszi hangok’ (that is also performed in the TV show) might be even better. The composer of this amazing melody was Ottó Schöck, with lyrics by István S. Nagy. With two tracks like that the album ‘Táncolj még’ (in view of the aforementioned maybe the album could have had another title!) will have to go down as a must-have for fans of great Dance music and Disco, of which I am one. Unfortunately, due to my forty-years-or-over-or-absolutely-up-to-date rule for purchasing records (yes, I know it sounds strange!) I’ll have to wait until 2018 to snap this LP up. It’s something to look forward to, at any rate!


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